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phpBB3 is one of most popular scripts in the world that are used for creating forums. This tool allows you to create a forum with nice layout and simple administrative panel. phpBB3 is recommended both for beginners and more advanced users.

Advantages of phpBB3

Easy in use

Forum based on phpBB3 script has a very intuitive management panel. You don’t have to read the detailed documentation or browse for specialized website to know how to use it – it’s clear and simple to operate.


A huge facilitation for phpBB3 forum admin might be a large amount of add-ones and modifications, which allows to add new functions and expand script capabilities.

Powerful technical support

It is easy to find a huge amount of information about phpBB3 due to its immense popularity. Novice customer can use the documentation, large number of tutorials, forums and blogs dedicated to topics related to phpBB3.

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