The address matters

To become present in the web you need a web address, so other users could easily find you. This web address, a domain, is a kind of your business card. You should make sure it is appropriate and impressive at the same time.

A good domain should be unique and it should be associated with a type of activity you carry out. Than people can guess what is your site related to at first sight. The shorter, the better — long domain names are hard to remember.

Choosing the right domain you should take into consideration the location of your activities or business and your target audience. If you run your business on the local level, it is better to choose the regional domain. In case you concentrate on the state level, the best option would be a national domain. In the moment you decide to expand your business to other states, it is good to register European or global domain. It is important to remember that there is a very strong rivalry on the domain market. Thus it is better to register your domain with all popular extensions to prevent it from being registered by your competitors.

We offer registration of the national and international domains at afortable prices. We also ensure inexpensive domain renewal and free domain transfer. All prices are gross!


Domain .pl

12.90 PLN

59.90 PLN

Polish functional domains (e.g.,

9.90 PLN

49.90 PLN

Polish regional domains (e.g.,

3.90 PLN

29.90 PLN

Domain .com

35.90 PLN

47.90 PLN

Domain .biz

48.90 PLN

66.90 PLN

Domain .net

45.90 PLN

62.90 PLN

Domain .org

46.90 PLN

63.90 PLN

Domain .info

46.90 PLN

63.90 PLN

Domain .eu

13.90 PLN

30.90 PLN

German domain .de

16.90 PLN

18.90 PLN

English domains (, .uk)

25.90 PLN

35.90 PLN

Italian domains .it

23.90 PLN

32.90 PLN

Domain .nl

30.90 PLN

40.90 PLN

Domain .tv

136.90 PLN

186.90 PLN

Domain .xyz

41.90 PLN

57.90 PLN

Domain .us

29.90 PLN

39.90 PLN


9,90 PLN for Free accounts,
free for Pro and VIP accounts

does not apply

SSL certificates

19.90 PLN per year

19.90 PLN per year

Hiding data in the WHOIS database

19.90 PLN


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