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Joomla is one of most frequently used content management system in the world. This guarantees to its users large opportunities in the field of administration and wide range of free extensions, which allow customers to customize their websites to their specific requirements.

Advantages of Joomla

Good technical support

Joomla has an extensive documentation and large number of tutorials for various issues related to its support. There are also many big forums and blogs where users share their knowledge and experience. It allows to easily find information about this CMS.

Wide possibilities in administration

Joomla gives to the users great capabilities to administrate a website. When unexperienced users see whole bunch of functions that Joomla have, they can be confused. But after a while they find out how the script works and can fully enjoy wide range of possibilities.


Large amount of free plugins for Joomla allows to add new functionality quickly. Even blank script has a lot of functions, comparing to other solutions of this type.


Users can change appearance and composition of Joomla website very simply. You just have to upload and setup graphic template dedicated to this CMS properly. There are a lot of free and payable templates in the internet.

Easy update

Joomla update is very simple, so every customer without any problems can update their sites and use latest version of Joomla.

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