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Drupal is a complex platform that may be used for creating every kind of website or webapplication. According to calculations, it is used by over a million sites from all over the world, which is about 2% of all webpages in the world. Because of a high level of advancement of this script, it is recommended for creation of more complex sites.

Advantages of Drupal

A very extensive range of functionalities

Immediately after installation customer get's an opportunity to use a huge number of functionalities, for example users registration, profile management, menu, RSS feed and many others. All of this allows to create any kind of webpage. Unfortunately, the administrative panel of the script is rather complicated, which may be a problem to novice users.

Powerful technical support

A great advantage of Drupal platform is that it has a broad documentation, which is gives an invaluable assistance to its customers. Furthermore, there is a developed forum, chat, email list and many other places where any Drupal user can find help.


Despite the fact that clear Drupal has many functionalities, some customers may need some more. In this case it is possible to find a lot of easy-to-install plugins for this platform.

Wide possibilities of content management

Drupal gives wide opportunities in range of content management. Without having to install additional plugins, script allows you to create and manage many types of content, including video, survey, articles, blogs, podcasts or statistics.

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